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Shorecrest High School
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This is a community for everyone who goes to, used to go to, graduated from, or is a fan of Shorecrest High School. Use it to post your schedule, complain about your classes, rant about Seabiscuit, promote events or bands, or whatever else you think is awesome!

Please introduce yourself when you join!

The Rules:
Don't post mean stuff, whether it be about teacers, staff, fellow students, etc.
Don't post quizzes (who would post a quiz in here anyway, it's not like there's a "What Seattle Metro High School Are You?" quiz...However, if you EVER come upon that exact quiz, feel free to post it.)
Don't post entries that have been x-posted in like 1000000 other communities
Don't promote communities, unless it is related to school, or something like that...e.g., a SC band community or something.

By the way, our rivals across the freeway: shorewoodhs. We love them, really.

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